Friday, September 21, 2012

My diva

It will come as no surprise to anyone that my daughter is a mini me.

She is a diva.

She is all frills and thrills.

Take today for example.

We went the the local park and were having so much fun. Until she decided she was old enough to go down the pole. Which is 6ft long and you have to step off a platform onto it. Well she forgot to grab the pole or just didn't.
She fell.
She hit the ground so hard that her awesome bows flew out of her hair.

I am running to her. Yep 31 weeks preggo and running. Glad no one was there with a camera. I get to her and pick her up.

Are you ok punkin?

Mommy, my bows fell out!!!

I know the horror. Well are you ok?

Ya, I want daddy.

So we pack up and home we came since daddy was home for lunch.

Our park is very safe. It has rubber ground up underneath the equipment. It is the best. She could have seriously been hurt if it had been something else.

She also mentioned to her dad that she was not listening to mommy tell her NO DON'T! Well at least she admits it.

This mommy thing is for the birds sometimes.
Our cute bows are from Sweet Petunia Boutique.
Check her out on Facebook. She is amazing. She has the best quality I have seen yet!

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