Thursday, January 31, 2013

Still here....are you?


It's been a few months hasn't it?

Wondering what has happened?


We had our baby boy!!!!

It has been a very busy 2 months since having him. I have so much I want to share with you.

I have started running again. It is so hard. I stopped running while I was pregnant because I have a history of miscarriage. I had one while I was married to my ex husband and we had one before getting pregnant with my baby boy. For my sanity I stop running. I walk still but no running for this mama.
Starting over is hard, but at least I started.
It is cold here in MommyLand so I have hit the treadmill to get my runs in. I HATE the treadmill and that is being polite. I hate staring at the wall, the TV doesn't help either. I usually listen to books but right now I dont have any good ones.
I planned on starting running again and signing up for some races. Hubby advised against it for now. We will see, I get bored easy and I need a race to motivate me. As of right now my goal is TinkerBell 2014.  If I get the bug it may be Disneyland Half 2013.....are you sensing a theme! Yep, Disney races are the best. The whole weekend is filled with FUN!!! You should check out some of the races they have over at Run Disney

I have about 30 pounds to lose since having baby. Yep I put it out there....30 pounds. It was 40. I started the healthy train a month ago and have lost 10 pounds. It is slow but it is coming.

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