Thursday, February 28, 2013

Are you a proud runner?

Are you a Proud Runner?

No I mean have you heard about them?
They are  a site created by a runner to connect other runners with a variety of running products that help you take pride in your running accomplishments.

If you are a runner most likely you have. I found them last year just after the TinkerBell Half Marathon. I decided to order 2 pairs of socks from them to see how I liked them.
So I got this pair:

 And this pair:

These socks are so light. I love how they are not bunchy in my shoe. In fact I do not even feel like I have socks on.
They have some great styles to keep you looking awesome while you are out there conquering the world.
I think these might be my next ones:
They have to make me faster right? Or at least think so!!

Proud Runner has great customer service and fast shipping. Give them a try. Have you already. Post some pictures on our Facebook to share with us.

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