Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My motivation

 Weather was so great today that we finally got to go out and enjoy it. I also got to enjoy my awesome Christmas gift from my brother in law.

To tell you how much I love My Garmmie, this is my THIRD one. I had the 301 and the 305 before. They are big and bulky and frankly had more on it than I used.

I needed a simple HR monitor and distance/time calculator. The Garmin 110 is just what I needed. My brother in law doesn't know how awesome he is. Maybe he read my mind? Maybe he just sees my status updates on FB when I cry cause I need another monitor. LOL!

Thanks to Garmin Connect I get to see all the other stuff like calories burned, maps, etc

So warmer weather, my garmmie and new insurance have given me motivation.

Oh new insurance? How does that motivate?

Well where my honey works has a HEALTH program on their insurance. If we maintain a certain level of fitness they cut us a break on the price. SO I have been motivated by our insurance!!!

I do love getting outside. So do the kids. Oh and thank goodness for the LeapPad.

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