Tuesday, February 26, 2013

You gotta start somewhere right?

This blog is called Running through MommyLand for a reason. Its about time I got back to doing just that.....RUNNING!

Mr.Man is 3 months old so its time. I walked throughout my pregnancy so I didn't have to start completely from scratch. I started again walking when Mr. Man was 2 months old. I started walking outside a few weeks ago.
Now when I say walking you have to know that I do not go by myself. I take the kids with me.
Yep, 2 kids 1 car seat in a double stroller. I even take my purse/diaper bag for emergencies that may arise.

So let's do the math.
Mr. Man= 15 pounds
car seat= we will say 5 pounds
Shelber= 30 pounds
purse,backpack full of toys,blankets= 5 pounds
double stroller= 40-50 pounds

total: almost 100 pounds!!!

That is what I am pushing in front of me.

So when I went out this morning I was determined to RUN or JOG really. We did a warm up of about 5 minutes with a brisk walk. Then we did 1 minute running and 1 minute walking. We started great and then the cold wind hit us. Shelb wanted to go home. I need to take a picture of how she sits in the stroller and you will know that she is not cold. So I told her we would hurry.
For our first time back we did pretty good.

 We battled the wind most of the time and we go uphill a lot but I am happy with my time...FOR NOW!!

Now I am relaxing with a sleeping baby. Check out my socks from PROUD RUNNER. I love them. I will be reviewing the this week. Stay tuned!

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