Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to everyone ( a day late I know).

Did you have a great Easter? It was wonderful here. The sun was shining and we were able to enjoy some sunshine. No running this weekend, even though I had 2 10ks planned. Allergies have kicked my butt this weekend. I did not let them spoil my fun though.

This is the first year we have decided to make and entire weekend of Easter celebrating.

Shelby is getting old enough to start taking part in different activities and it is wonderful to watch it through her eyes.

Saturday we got packed up and took our 4 wheeler and Rhino out for some fun in the hills. Shelby loves the Rhino. She just sits  and enjoys it. She went with her dad on the 4 wheeler and I forgot to get pictures of her with her dad.

We were able to spend the day with my bestie and her family. It was really nice. We were able to find some shade to keep Mr Man in so he did not get to much sun.

The bestie planned an egg hunt for all the kids and Shelby got to participate as well. She wasn't to sure about it but she had some great helpers. My bestie has raised some awesome kids because they thought of helping Shelby instead of themselves. I love their family.

We had good food and  good visits. Mr Man must have been having lots of fun too cause he did not want to sleep.

It was a fun day all around. Tuckered Shelby right out.

Sunday we woke up and the Easter Bunny had come for a visit. Shelby was pretty calm about it all. She said WOW whats this?  It was great to be able to see the joy in her face. The magic is still there for her.

Of course we had to get some pictures of our kids on Mr Man's first Easter.

 We had such a wonderful weekend. I am so glad that the weather is warming up. More trips planned with the bestie. Can't wait.


  1. Too cute! Love that you celebrated all weekend!! Glad y'all had fun!

  2. Thanks Karen. We had a lot of fun. So happy it is spring.


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