Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Gramps

I want to pay special attention to one of the most important men in my life.
My Gramps.
He is in the hospital right now waiting to have Aortic Valve Replacement surgery. He has had heart problems for almost the past 20 years. He has had heart attacks and triple by pass surgery. He may not make it through this next surgery and I want him to be able to read this and know how important he is to me.
When I was born my mom was a single mom. She had to work to provide for us. Lucky for her she had her parents to help her with child care.
Watching TV together

Since my mom worked and they took care of me, I went everywhere they did. If they went on vacation so did I. They had 6 children all together. My gramps had 3 and my gram had 3 (obviously they had them from previous marriages.) They never had children together. We always joke that I was the child they never had. They never treated me like a grandchild, always like I was one of their own.
After my mom remarried when I was 6 I was off and on in my grandparents home. They moved to Utah when I was 8 and it was horrible. I came up during the summers to visit. My bond with my grandparents was strong.

Fast forward to when I was 17. My mom was married to a jerk and we didn't get along. My grandparents had moved back to California at the time so I went to live with them. It was my senior year. I tested my boundaries for sure. They stuck with me. They never gave up. They help guide me.
At my graduation 
At my Aunt's wedding

After I graduated they moved back to Utah. It was not a question in my mind and I came with them.

The story does not end there. They have always been there for me. My gramps and I may not have always seen eye to eye but we have always respected each other.
He always makes sure to give me his opinion. I respect that. He is entitled to it. I may not like it but I know he loves me. He may not agree with my decisions in life but he never loves me any less for them.

When I left my ex-husband I moved back home. They were my home. I needed them. They welcomed me with open arms. They were so glad I had finally left him. They didn't care the circumstances. I was their "daughter" and they didn't listen to the lies being told about me. I had to come clean about  A LOT of what had gone on in my marriage. It was not a pretty picture but I wanted to hide nothing from them. They still loved me. They were there through every step of my divorce.
12 weeks pregnant with Shelby, We went to Hawaii

When I got pregnant with my daughter I obviously was not married to her dad yet. My grandparents are very religious and I was so worried about disappointing my grandpa. I was so scared to tell him. I knew that my gram would be loving and supportive. I knew my gramps would be supportive as well but I did not want to listen to the disappointment in his voice. I should have given him more credit. He never made me feel stupid or made me feel like I had made a mistake.

From before the day she was born he was so excited to meet her. I still lived with them after she was born. They loved having her there. They have a relationship with her that is a lot like the relationship they have with me. In fact I think I was bumped from the top spot when she came along. My children are the light of his life.

Last week when he was life flighted to the hospital I was so scared. I took my gram over to be with him. When we walked in he told the tech that the two of us were the most important ladies in his life.

That made me feel good. He is one of the most important men in mine.

I know that whatever is meant to be in this life will be. My gramps will always be a part of me. I am a lot like him ( hence the reason we don't always see eye to eye). I respect and love him more than anything in this world. I may not have made the choices he would have in this life but he loves me. He knows that I am happy. He has been a huge part of my journey to happiness.

Thank you gramps for everything you have given me in this life. Thank you for all that you have taught me. Thank you for being an example to me.  Thank you for the tenderness you have for my children. Thank you for giving me a special spot in your life and heart. Kick this surgery in the butt and lets get you better. Shelby and Shawn need their Grampy and so  do I. I love you.


  1. You have me in tears. The relationship you described is much like the one I share with my grandfather. SO very sweet. I hope everything goes well with his surgery...please keep us posted! I will be praying for him!

    1. Karen, thank you so much. I will for sure keep you posted. Grandfathers are amazing and should always be honored.


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