Monday, April 8, 2013

No running...the horror!

I have gone running only once in the last week. Man that is horrible. I have gone walking with the kids so it hasn't been a total bust. I miss my running though. We have been on the go so I have not made it a priority like I should.

I though I would share some of my favorite pics from the week via Instagram. Are you following us? Look up mommylandrunner and make the blue button green, I will follow you back.

 Two of my favorite people. We took a family drive out to the new reservoir in town. 
 I got some new running skirts in the mail. I am wondering if I have been wearing them wrong?

I love snuggling with this girl....when she lets me.

 Chalk fun with mom.
 Fun in the sun. Playing in the backyard.

How has your running been?
How do you spend time with your kids now that it is getting warm?

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