Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

I think we need more than one day to celebrate mothers. 
 Just saying.

I have 2 moms. I also have very special grandMOM. 

This mom gave me life:

My mom and I

 She is my mom. She is the one who loved me first. She chose to have me in her life. She gave me life so I could be a mom one day. She is a  great mom and a great grammy too.
With her first born grandchild from her first born child.

This mom chose to share in my life:
My other mom
She accepted me as her own. I am her step child and you would never know that. She claims me as her own. She treats me no different.

My grandMOM
Last Mother's Day

Grammy with her 3 grandbabies. 4 months pregnant with Shawn.
This women is my rock, my example, my hero.
She has always been there for me. Her and I have been through it all. She has supported me in my life without judgement or question. We share no blood but you can not break our bond.

All my moms have been such great examples in my life. They have shown me the type of mom/step-mom that I want to be.

These two call me mom. I have been pregnant 4 times,once before each of these two.  They are my dreams come true. The reason I now reside in MommyLand.

I am very lucky to have the ladies i my life that provided such great examples of what a mom should be. I am lucky to be called mommy.

Remember to tell the special lady in your life how grateful you are. Hug the reason why you are being celebrated.

Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there.

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  1. So many special moms to celebrate with! Happy Mothers Day to you as well!


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