Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Spray Tanning

I am a former Tanorexic. In high school I went at least 3 days a week and laid in the warm beds and 90% of the time fell asleep.

Then I stopped going. The main reason was when I moved to Utah the place I went to did not have unlimited passes. Yes I needed more than 10 tans a month thank you very much.

Then I started only going for special occasions. Then just in the summer. Then I quit. My ex husband told me once that tanning didn't make me look any better. ( no it was not my cue to leave....yet.)

It has been a few years since I have been tanning. Mostly due to being pregnant. The other is that I really don't want cancer.

So I have always heard about spray tanning, never tried it. I have seen some that when they came out they were ORANGE!!! Um no thanks not for me.

I am a runner and I get tan lines from my clothes. I wanted to even up the tan. I mean hello summer is coming and strapless dresses are calling my name.

Here is what I am talking about (tan Lines)

Do you see them? Dark shoulders....white lines. Lets fix that.

This is where Kanab Spray Tans comes into play.

The girl that does it is name Tara. She is super cute. So fun.

I was a little nervous. I mean it was my first time :)

So I got all the instructions. The dos and do nots. What to wear or not.

The whole process took about 30 minutes and out the door you go. Of course I had to chat and catch up so I was there a little longer.

So I took some pics right out of the booth. She said that it would take a few hours to really set in.

 The hubby noticed right away I was darker.

I noticed I was more evenly shaded. I loved the experience and am asking myself why did I wait so long.

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