Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Toddler box fun with Crayola

Do you need to keep a toddler busy?

Let me help:

Tote- dollar store
stickers- dollar section
Washable Crayola Finger Paint
Dry Erase Crayola Crayons and Markers
Laminated coloring sheets (we used Disney ones found here)
Paint shirt- old rag we had
Plastic bags
duct tape (no not to tie them up, hang on the wall or cover their mouth! ;)  )
White plastic garbage bag
Activity book-we got a preschool one at Target
Dry Erase Activity book 
Sidewalk Chalk- Target

I put it all in the box for Shelby to keep in the dining area, her designated learning area.

She had so much fun painting, drawing and experiencing a new thing. I loved watching her excitement.

Thank you Crayola for making products that do not make a mess in my house. She touches everything. All the paint came off.

I have started using Project Life digitals. Has anyone else used them?

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