Thursday, May 23, 2013

Vinyl Fun

I love when I have a little time to play with my Silhouette Cutter.

Since we moved the kids into their own rooms I felt like I could personalize their space a little bit.

Shelby already had her princess walls and photo gallery. We updated pictures on her wall. Then we added something to her door. A crown and her name in the Minnie font.

And I could not leave Shawn out. He has airplanes in his room. So he gets a plane and notice the Monsters Inc font? I love that about this cutter. I can use any font on my computer. 

Shelby  also just got about a hundred barbies and all their crap stuff to go with them. We had to organize. I added a little something to her drawers for her. I also got to try out the trace function on the Silhouette. I downloaded the Barbie logo and traced it and cut it out. LOVE IT!!!!

I have been wanting something in our bedroom but I have not been able to figure it out. I found out how to cut LARGE images on the cutter and made this sign above our bed. Hubby and I have this thing. Always kiss goodnight and when he leaves in the morning. Even if I am asleep. I love this thing we have. So this saying is perfect. I love the picture above our bed as well. Check out the girls at Eighteen25 and get yours.

Don't mind the bright light in the picture!!!

Do you cut out your own vinyl?

I have very textured walls and some find it very hard to get vinyl to stick. Here is a tip: blow dryer!!!!

Once you have the saying on the wall get out your blow dryer and heat up the vinyl. As you go press the letters into the wall. Viola!

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