Sunday, June 23, 2013

Swimming with Mommy

I love taking my kids swimming for the first time.
The other day Mr.Man finally got to go swim with mommy. He had been in the water once before with his sister but not for very long.
I made the hubs go with us to take some photos. He is not much for swimming but he loves to take pictures of his kids.

He had soooo much fun. He splashed and splashed and splashed. I could barely hang on to him.

It was also the first day testing out my new swimsuit. I hate suit shopping. I envy those that love it. I do however love the new suit I got. I love the fit and the company.
Hapari is the company. They have a facebook page also ( Hapari Fan Page). Go check them out. They even have a sale on Fridays that is usually a smokin' hot deal. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

In A Pickle Review

If you are on Pinterest then there is a good chance you have seen these : Hot Pad Organizer

I have wanted to make one for so long. But come on I run 5 businesses and manage 2 vacation rentals and 2 kids and a household. I barely have time to sleep. I actually could find the time but my 2 year old helper would for sure be helping.

Anyway I found this company: In a Pickle

You pick out your case and then add weather you want the starter kit added. That is what I did.

Here is what comes in the starter kit:

A pen, notepad, stain stick, hand sanitizer, mirror with floss, scissors, measuring tape, sewing kit, pill box, nail clippers, tweezers, nail files, wipes, band aids, tissues and a baggy with screwdriver,paper clips,hair bands, rubber bands, and safety pins.

Everything you need when you are In A Pickle!~~

It also comes with a card to tell you the extras to put in it.

Then you fill it up and keep it with you.

When you run out of or use items they even have refill kits.

I am so thrilled about using mine. I love having it all in one place and not all over my purse or car.

Fathers Day

I love making a fuss over my husband.

He is a great dad. He loves his children so much.

I had made some printables last year and never used them. So I dug them out and Shelby and I created a banner just for dad. Then she helped me craft up some cards from her and Shawn. She was so excited to help.

The next morning she came down the stairs got her cards and wished him Happy Fathers Day.  I love to see her experience all new stuff. Every year she has been "getting it " a little more. I can't wait to see Mr. Man do the same.

We invited the dads that are close by over for dinner. I told hubby it was his choice what we had that day. He picked steak and dutch oven potatoes.My grandparents, my brother in law, my step daughter and our family all gathered to celebrate dads. Later my step son came by to celebrate too.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

NoVae Clothing

A while ago. Pretty sure it was after having Shawn I found this website called NoVae Clothing.
The clothes are awesome. True to size and the owner is so great!! They have great customer service. I have never had a problem with their clothes.

Here are a few examples of stuff I have gotten:

All the tops are from this store.

Now for the really good news!!!!!!

I just became an affiliate with them. So now there is a link over there on the right for you to shop from.

I also will be able to give you the inside scoop on special stuff so be on the look out. We will post it all to FB. WHAT??? Your not a fan...... Running through MommyLand Fan Page.

So what are you waiting for GO SHOPPING!!!!!

LINK BELOW!!! Click on Picture.

modest clothing

Thursday, June 13, 2013

12 week progress

So almost 7 months ago I had my very last baby.

After Shelby I was not in a hurry to get back into shape since I knew we would be having at least one more.

After Shawn I knew there would be no more babies. A decision we made together but still makes me sad. I mean hello I am past 35 and almost to 40. If I were 25 I would have a few more. Yes, really! I have some cute kids thanks to my hubby. Of course I am partial I am their mommy.

Ok back on track...

12 weeks ago I started to get kinda serious about losing the baby weight. Hubby won't allow a scale in this house. I sorta have an obsession with it. So I have done measurements.

I have not been super serious about it since my grandpa had heart surgery, it has been off and on cold until recently and other excuses. Yes they are excuses.

I am hoping to get better at it. I have a goal of 10,000 steps a day and most days I go over that. I have been walking with the kids pretty regular. 4 miles at least 3 days a week.

Here is the problem. I love to eat. Being a runner I got used to eating what I wanted and just running it off. So I do moderation. I allow myself to eat out, eat candy or whatever. I hate the word diet.

So I am putting my measurements out here for the world to see. It might make me better at getting the excercise in.

Starting 12 weeks ago:
Waist around belly button: 40.5 in
hips: 43 in
Upper thigh (near top): 26 in
above knee: 19 in
mid calf: 14 in
chest under bra: 34 in
chest: 38 in
upper arm: 13 in

Not horrible but horrible for me. I did get on the scale and starting weight was 183. I was devestated by this number. Before having Shelby I was 138 so I had a ways to go.

12 week progress :

Waist around belly button: 33.75 in
hips: 37 in
Upper thigh (near top): 23 in
above knee: 16 in
mid calf: 13.75 in
chest under bra: 31.5 in
chest: 36 in
upper arm: 12 in

I got on the scale a few weeks ago and I had lost 21 pounds.

After having Shawn I was wearing a size 15. Not the biggest size I have ever worn. I did use to weigh 210 way before having kids. I had lost 80 pounds and had kept it off for the most part till having Shelby.

I am now in a size 9. Not bad. Not great. It is progress.

These photos are from April 15. After a month of working it. I had started to feel better. The pants are size 11. The shirt is XL from Aeropostale.

I always have a helper.

These photos are from today. Same pants. Same style and size top as last photo.

I am not doing anything special. I try to stay active with my kids. I try not to over eat. I do not deny myself. 

Hopefully in 2 more months I will have the other 20 pounds gone. Stay tuned.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Chocolate Homemade Ice Cream with Coconut Milk and Summer Fun

So yesterday I planned for a fun summer day. Hang by the pool and make some homemade ice cream. I took my besties kids, my kids and my step daughter over to the pool for a few hours. It was so fun watching them all playing and enjoying the sun.
 She's got style right?

 This boy loves the outside. He is like mommy.....a chilaxer!

 She is watching the big kids do the next photo....

  There she goes...

 My view...

Afterwards it was lunch and dessert!

I used this recipe for the ice cream.
Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream
I wasn't sure about the turn out so we made a half batch. I pre mix it all up and stuck it in the fridge for 3 hours while we were at the pool.

I use this ice cream maker...... I am in love with it.

I recommend keeping it in the fridge before mixing up. It set up so much better. I love being able to create a healthier alternative to ice cream. It is completely dairy free.

It was a fun day. It is just the beginning of summer so I can not wait to see what else we can do.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mother's Day Virtual Run

So I have really been slacking with the running.

That does not mean that I have been slacking on exercise, it just means I have not been running.  If I do run I am only getting about 2 miles in on the treadmill.  Other than that I have been walking.

Walking to this mommy means pushing a stroller with either 1 or 2 kids in it. It also means we are going about 4-6 miles a day. So I am sure that I am not slacking on the activity. Just the type of it.

So anyway.

A few weeks ago I finally got my Mother's Day Virtual Run finished. I had originally signed up to run it. Then since I have been walking figured why not. The reason I am a mom is because of my children. So I walked it with them. They are my reason.

We started in the morning in the double stroller. We went 4.2 miles. I did not reset my RunKeeper for the next outing. Later that afternoon we finished up in the single stroller and Shelby wanted to walk herself. So why not. 
By the end though she was tired and decided to sit in the basket to walk home. 

I love my kids. They make my life special and meaningful. I am so glad I decided to do this with them.


Sunday, June 2, 2013

PVC paint easel

I love Pinterest. Are you a follower? -----------------------------------------------> Click that button!

Have you seen we changed the blog a little? You can now pin our cool stuff. Just put your mouse over our picture and the Pin button will show up. Cool right? Yep we are part of the cool club.

I know I know back to the easel.

So I found a pin about cool PVC crafts. It had this easel in it. As I got to looking I found that it was a table top one. Well that's great but I want a big one for my kids. 


I love that my husband is handy. He told me what we needed and off to Home Depot we went.

Since he was in a huge amount o f pain I did not expect him to get to it right away.  He went right to work on it. I think he was bored sitting around. So him and Shelby went to work out side putting together her  paint easel.

Once all the pieces were cut it went together quickly. It was basically an afternoon project.

She was in love. She has wanted to paint all day. She loved helping her dad too. Great project for them both to do. The great thing is when she gets older the easel can grow with her.....just add more PVC!!!

SO you want the deets?

24 feet of 1/2 in PVC pipe
4 caps for the legs
8 t's
2 elbows
some trim
piece of cardboard
duct tape

I measured the pipe to be a little taller than her. It is 43 inches tall and 23 inches wide.
Her dad finished it all up for her and then we got to have some fun.

Jumbo Coloring sheets from WalMart

Mr Man got to go enjoy the fun too.

We even did some hair dyeing!!! Pink of course.

Once we cleaned up her dad did another project for her room.

Yes this not even 3 year old has a 40 in flat screen her in room. We hung out on her bed and watched RIO. This little girl is in spoiled heaven.

Thank you honey for making this little girl happy. Despite being in pain. We love you so much.

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