Thursday, June 13, 2013

12 week progress

So almost 7 months ago I had my very last baby.

After Shelby I was not in a hurry to get back into shape since I knew we would be having at least one more.

After Shawn I knew there would be no more babies. A decision we made together but still makes me sad. I mean hello I am past 35 and almost to 40. If I were 25 I would have a few more. Yes, really! I have some cute kids thanks to my hubby. Of course I am partial I am their mommy.

Ok back on track...

12 weeks ago I started to get kinda serious about losing the baby weight. Hubby won't allow a scale in this house. I sorta have an obsession with it. So I have done measurements.

I have not been super serious about it since my grandpa had heart surgery, it has been off and on cold until recently and other excuses. Yes they are excuses.

I am hoping to get better at it. I have a goal of 10,000 steps a day and most days I go over that. I have been walking with the kids pretty regular. 4 miles at least 3 days a week.

Here is the problem. I love to eat. Being a runner I got used to eating what I wanted and just running it off. So I do moderation. I allow myself to eat out, eat candy or whatever. I hate the word diet.

So I am putting my measurements out here for the world to see. It might make me better at getting the excercise in.

Starting 12 weeks ago:
Waist around belly button: 40.5 in
hips: 43 in
Upper thigh (near top): 26 in
above knee: 19 in
mid calf: 14 in
chest under bra: 34 in
chest: 38 in
upper arm: 13 in

Not horrible but horrible for me. I did get on the scale and starting weight was 183. I was devestated by this number. Before having Shelby I was 138 so I had a ways to go.

12 week progress :

Waist around belly button: 33.75 in
hips: 37 in
Upper thigh (near top): 23 in
above knee: 16 in
mid calf: 13.75 in
chest under bra: 31.5 in
chest: 36 in
upper arm: 12 in

I got on the scale a few weeks ago and I had lost 21 pounds.

After having Shawn I was wearing a size 15. Not the biggest size I have ever worn. I did use to weigh 210 way before having kids. I had lost 80 pounds and had kept it off for the most part till having Shelby.

I am now in a size 9. Not bad. Not great. It is progress.

These photos are from April 15. After a month of working it. I had started to feel better. The pants are size 11. The shirt is XL from Aeropostale.

I always have a helper.

These photos are from today. Same pants. Same style and size top as last photo.

I am not doing anything special. I try to stay active with my kids. I try not to over eat. I do not deny myself. 

Hopefully in 2 more months I will have the other 20 pounds gone. Stay tuned.

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