Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mother's Day Virtual Run

So I have really been slacking with the running.

That does not mean that I have been slacking on exercise, it just means I have not been running.  If I do run I am only getting about 2 miles in on the treadmill.  Other than that I have been walking.

Walking to this mommy means pushing a stroller with either 1 or 2 kids in it. It also means we are going about 4-6 miles a day. So I am sure that I am not slacking on the activity. Just the type of it.

So anyway.

A few weeks ago I finally got my Mother's Day Virtual Run finished. I had originally signed up to run it. Then since I have been walking figured why not. The reason I am a mom is because of my children. So I walked it with them. They are my reason.

We started in the morning in the double stroller. We went 4.2 miles. I did not reset my RunKeeper for the next outing. Later that afternoon we finished up in the single stroller and Shelby wanted to walk herself. So why not. 
By the end though she was tired and decided to sit in the basket to walk home. 

I love my kids. They make my life special and meaningful. I am so glad I decided to do this with them.


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