Sunday, June 23, 2013

Swimming with Mommy

I love taking my kids swimming for the first time.
The other day Mr.Man finally got to go swim with mommy. He had been in the water once before with his sister but not for very long.
I made the hubs go with us to take some photos. He is not much for swimming but he loves to take pictures of his kids.

He had soooo much fun. He splashed and splashed and splashed. I could barely hang on to him.

It was also the first day testing out my new swimsuit. I hate suit shopping. I envy those that love it. I do however love the new suit I got. I love the fit and the company.
Hapari is the company. They have a facebook page also ( Hapari Fan Page). Go check them out. They even have a sale on Fridays that is usually a smokin' hot deal. 

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