Monday, July 29, 2013

Body by Vi (ViSalus)

So I post a lot of pictures on FB and IG of my shakes. I have been having them every morning and I try to have them at lunch.

What I use is Body by Vi. I am not a promoter so this is how I use it. It is not for everyone. I have been asked several times about them.

First off I love the flavor. They only have one. Sweet Cream. You can mix it with anything and it tastes like cake. YUM

I have mixed it with everything. I will admit sometimes I make a not so great one. For the most part they are yummy.

I add this everytime:
1 scoop Body by Vi
8 oz unsweetened Coconut Milk
1/4 c plain greek yogurt

Then I vary with the following:
sugar free pudding 1 T
carrot juice

Careful on your servings. I measure mine out. I pour it all into the blender and then fill my cup with ice and put it in the blender.

For me it is a meal replacement.

I also walk or run with my kids 5 days a week. I go about 4-6 miles. It does not curb my appetite so I do still need to eat snacks in between.
I have been consistent with my shakes for the last week. Before I would have then here and there. I started it before I got pregnant with Shawn.
I do not know what it is like compared to others like Shakeology or Plexus.
I do know that I would like to lost about 20 pounds and I do not eat as healthy as I should. So for me this works.
It is a great source of protein but you do still need to excercise. In order to lose it you need a balance between eating right and working it out.
I was told by my doctor that I should do cardio until I get to where I want to be and then tone it up. It makes sense.

If you have tried it and had results let me know.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Christmas Organization

Yes it is almost August.
Yes I am already thinking about Christmas.
Have been since the day after last Christmas. I started buying then.

I have 4 children in my home on Christmas Day and I need to be organized about everything.

Here is my normal lists:
 I downloaded these off Pinterest here

As I was searching Pinterest today for something a bit better I found a link to this App.

The pros for me:
Different groups for everyone
  • Family
  • kids
  • friends
  • neighbors
  • stuffers
Withing those groups you have individuals
Track what  you have spent per person. You can set a budget for everyone.
You can view by store so you know what you have to buy where.
Send lists via email to others like grandparents
You can save the gift list from year to year.

One of my favorite things is you can passcode protect the app so little snoopers can not open the app while playing on the phone.

So for $.99 you can stay on top of your Christmas shopping. You only have 149 shopping days left after today so get a move on.

What are your best organizing tips for the holidays?
When do you start your Christmas shopping?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Swirlgear Ambassador

So a few weeks ago I was contacted by Swirlgear. 
They wanted  me to be one of their new brand ambassadors.
You can read about the company here.

As a women who enjoys being active I fell in love with this brand right away.

I am not an elite runner but I do want a pair of shorts that I feel comfortable in. Since I am still trying to lose some of my baby weight a lot of my running clothes don't quite fit like they use to. I still suffer from the constant ride up in the middle. I wear skirts but not always. I wear compression shorts and I don't quite feel that comfortable in them yet. So when I wear them they still ride up in the middle and I am constantly pulling at my shorts.

As a brand ambassador I was able to try the shorts out. They are made a little longer and with a wider mesh lining built in. Those two things eliminate the ride up and the mesh lining is wonderful at soaking up the sweat. So no wedgie or butt sweat either.

I was also able to test out the cap sleeve in Camo. Even though I normally wear a tank while out walking with the kids I gave this a try. I loved it. It is made out of wicking material to soak up the sweat. The day I tried it we were having 90% humidity and it was already 80 degrees out.
So how did it do?

4.5 miles pushing the kiddos and I was still dry. Hot but not drenched! It is also made a little longer so you aren't constantly pulling it down.

I have tried all kinds of running gear. Swirlgear is made by women for women. They have a women's needs in mind. They are also mindful of your pocketbook.

I believe in you get what you pay for. I have a problem paying over 100.00 for a running outfit. Yes I have. Not with Swirlgear.
They have even given me a code so that I can share extra savings with you. If you use the code listed in the picture you get free shipping and what's even better is you get to use that code over and over!

I will list it over on the side bar for future use as well.

So head on over and get you some Swirlgear. I also got the pink hoodie and I am excited about trying that this winter.  I love the thumb holes!!!

Swirlgear is awesome for just running around town too.

My motto is Always look cute no matter what you are doing! 
Let me know what you get.

Monday, July 22, 2013

8 months and a new do!

Well my baby is 8 months old. I love it and hate it all the same time.
 I love watching him grow and learn and become independent but at the same time I am sad. I have already told you he is our last baby. Even if I wanted one its not possible. So I will be sad and enjoy every moment.

He is getting so big. Him and his older sister where about the same size diaper (for now.) He is wearing 12 month clothes and even those are getting tight.

He can say dada
He says mama
He says baba
see the trend there.....

He is crawling all over and climbing on things. He has cut 2 teeth and 3 more are working there way in.

So happy all the time. I love him. He loves playing with his sister even though she tackles him. Just the other day he got her back and we laughed. She will soon learn.

 Oh and yes my new bed stuff made for a perfect backdrop. Loving my bedroom renovation.

So last week I cut my hair. I needed a change. Well a change from the long hair. I have had this cut before. I love it and it fits me. I cut 12 inches off. Amazing right? Feels so much better.

The hubs likes it too. I think he likes it more cause it is not so blonde anymore :)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Star Wars Party

Wow it has been a busy couple weeks. We had Shelby's birthday, the 4th of July and then mine and hubby's birthdays. I am ready for a break!
I won't get one, I won't allow for it lol!


After Shelb's party I got to thinking that I wanted to do something for the hubs. I wanted to do a Star Wars party at Father's Day and just didn't. So I figured with his birthday coming up it was perfect.
Of course I left myself about a week to plan. No pressure or anything.

So I put my creative skills to work. I didn't have time to hire Michelle's Party Plan-its so I did it myself. Sorry Shell.

I planned the food, made the tent cards got the banner printed we were ready. Oh and I took Shelby to her first play at Tuachan and saw Disney's Mulan. Absolutely fabulous. If you have a chance go see it!
I know I digress!

It was a good time had by all. We had family and our best friends overs. It has become pretty much the usual crew and we love it. We get to visit and laugh and enjoy each other.
I have to say I was so tired the next day but it was well worth it.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party

Wow! what a week last week was.

It was birthday week at our house. I love to celebrate others birthdays but not my own!!! I love putting together the perfect party when I have the time. I did this year.

Shelby turned 3.
No longer a baby or a toddler. Soon to be pre-schooler!!! So sad. I love watching her grow but I hate that she is at the same time.

She gets more independant every day.

A few months ago I asked her what kind of party she wanted. She said Mickey Mouse clubhouse. This came as a shock to me since she is so into the Disney Princesses. I went with it though. I kept asking and got the same answer. So I started planning.

I got food ideas and colors and went to work.

Lucky for me I have very talented connections!!!

First up was invitations and I knew the person to go to Michelle's Party Plan-it

This girl has some of the most awesome parties and knew she would not disappoint when it came to helping me.

Here is the invite:

Then I gave her a list of food tents that I would need. I also wanted a banner for over the table and a door sign. 

Now you know you can't have a Mickey Mouse ClubHouse party without a Hot Diggity Dog hot dog bar.
Complete with :
Hot Diggity Dogs
Handy Helpers
Oh Toodles Noodles
Chip(s) and Dale
Donald and Daisy Dip
Pluto Punch
We've got ears cupcakes- do you see the cute cupcake toppers.....Michelle's too!!
Meeska Mouska Cheese (Velata Style)

After we ate our yummy dogs we played a little Pin the Bow on Minnie.
I cut out a Minnie head and some bows on my Sihouette machine and made the cutest game. Shelby had never played anything like it so it was fun to watch her. The other girls were kinda of little stinkers and cheated but it was fun to watch.
Of course Shelby always gets the best seat. Right on Auntie's lap. Her Auntie loves her so much and we love Auntie.

After laughing and playing we had cake. I have a good friend that makes cakes. She did one for her daughter and I told her she was hired. I told her the theme and how many people and colors and she went to town. Here is the end result and we cried taking it apart because it was so awesome!
Shelby blew out her candle. I hope all her wishes come true.

Then we opened presents and visited with family.
She is one spoiled girl. Even the next day on her actual birthday she got a few more presents. Barbie clothes. Finally no more naked Barbies. Right

Here is my birthday girl!

It was so fun watching her enjoy her party. She told me it was the best party ever.

So glad that I have talented friends to help me pull this off.

I have already put in my request for Shawn's birthday. So excited to start planning. If you need anything for a party contact Michelle. She is quick and does a fabulous job.

Her website
Her facebook

Tell her I sent you.

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