Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party

Wow! what a week last week was.

It was birthday week at our house. I love to celebrate others birthdays but not my own!!! I love putting together the perfect party when I have the time. I did this year.

Shelby turned 3.
No longer a baby or a toddler. Soon to be pre-schooler!!! So sad. I love watching her grow but I hate that she is at the same time.

She gets more independant every day.

A few months ago I asked her what kind of party she wanted. She said Mickey Mouse clubhouse. This came as a shock to me since she is so into the Disney Princesses. I went with it though. I kept asking and got the same answer. So I started planning.

I got food ideas and colors and went to work.

Lucky for me I have very talented connections!!!

First up was invitations and I knew the person to go to Michelle's Party Plan-it

This girl has some of the most awesome parties and knew she would not disappoint when it came to helping me.

Here is the invite:

Then I gave her a list of food tents that I would need. I also wanted a banner for over the table and a door sign. 

Now you know you can't have a Mickey Mouse ClubHouse party without a Hot Diggity Dog hot dog bar.
Complete with :
Hot Diggity Dogs
Handy Helpers
Oh Toodles Noodles
Chip(s) and Dale
Donald and Daisy Dip
Pluto Punch
We've got ears cupcakes- do you see the cute cupcake toppers.....Michelle's too!!
Meeska Mouska Cheese (Velata Style)

After we ate our yummy dogs we played a little Pin the Bow on Minnie.
I cut out a Minnie head and some bows on my Sihouette machine and made the cutest game. Shelby had never played anything like it so it was fun to watch her. The other girls were kinda of little stinkers and cheated but it was fun to watch.
Of course Shelby always gets the best seat. Right on Auntie's lap. Her Auntie loves her so much and we love Auntie.

After laughing and playing we had cake. I have a good friend that makes cakes. She did one for her daughter and I told her she was hired. I told her the theme and how many people and colors and she went to town. Here is the end result and we cried taking it apart because it was so awesome!
Shelby blew out her candle. I hope all her wishes come true.

Then we opened presents and visited with family.
She is one spoiled girl. Even the next day on her actual birthday she got a few more presents. Barbie clothes. Finally no more naked Barbies. Right

Here is my birthday girl!

It was so fun watching her enjoy her party. She told me it was the best party ever.

So glad that I have talented friends to help me pull this off.

I have already put in my request for Shawn's birthday. So excited to start planning. If you need anything for a party contact Michelle. She is quick and does a fabulous job.

Her website
Her facebook

Tell her I sent you.

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