Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Swirlgear Ambassador

So a few weeks ago I was contacted by Swirlgear. 
They wanted  me to be one of their new brand ambassadors.
You can read about the company here.

As a women who enjoys being active I fell in love with this brand right away.

I am not an elite runner but I do want a pair of shorts that I feel comfortable in. Since I am still trying to lose some of my baby weight a lot of my running clothes don't quite fit like they use to. I still suffer from the constant ride up in the middle. I wear skirts but not always. I wear compression shorts and I don't quite feel that comfortable in them yet. So when I wear them they still ride up in the middle and I am constantly pulling at my shorts.

As a brand ambassador I was able to try the shorts out. They are made a little longer and with a wider mesh lining built in. Those two things eliminate the ride up and the mesh lining is wonderful at soaking up the sweat. So no wedgie or butt sweat either.

I was also able to test out the cap sleeve in Camo. Even though I normally wear a tank while out walking with the kids I gave this a try. I loved it. It is made out of wicking material to soak up the sweat. The day I tried it we were having 90% humidity and it was already 80 degrees out.
So how did it do?

4.5 miles pushing the kiddos and I was still dry. Hot but not drenched! It is also made a little longer so you aren't constantly pulling it down.

I have tried all kinds of running gear. Swirlgear is made by women for women. They have a women's needs in mind. They are also mindful of your pocketbook.

I believe in you get what you pay for. I have a problem paying over 100.00 for a running outfit. Yes I have. Not with Swirlgear.
They have even given me a code so that I can share extra savings with you. If you use the code listed in the picture you get free shipping and what's even better is you get to use that code over and over!

I will list it over on the side bar for future use as well.

So head on over and get you some Swirlgear. I also got the pink hoodie and I am excited about trying that this winter.  I love the thumb holes!!!

Swirlgear is awesome for just running around town too.

My motto is Always look cute no matter what you are doing! 
Let me know what you get.

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