Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mantel re-do U of U style

So MONTHS ago I bought a pool noodle and created a wreath out of it. I saw it on Pinterest and thought it would be great.
The wreath was easy. I then thought it would be great to do one of those coffee filter wreaths. I now realize that I should have chose a smaller wreath. After about 500 coffee filters and several burned fingers I put it on the door and left it. I was not impressed.

Till today.
I found this really cute Monogram printable. I printed it out and put it in a frame. Grabbed my FAMILY frame that I made years ago and put them all together.
Of course I had to show my love for the University of Utah. Yep my Scentsy warmer. LOVE IT!!! Go UTES!
I need to add some things but I am happy with how it is coming along.

I also leave you with my Lil Princess and how she dressed today to go run around town.


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