Thursday, September 19, 2013

Red Rock Relay Zion

I have to say first that I love that my first relay was close to home.

That being said I will share my experience.
Red Rock Relay Zion- 2 vans of 6 people each 187 miles= priceless memories
On Friday morning my wonderful hubby and kids took me to meet my team. My team of 4 other women and 1 man. I say MEET because we were not only meeting for the race but for the first time ever!
Who does that? Runs a race with strangers? ME
At first I thought maybe I would prefer to run with friends but it didn't work that way. In the end I am glad it did not.

We hit it off right away. Laughing, joking and we had not even been sleep deprived yet.

Here we are before the race. Before meeting the other 6 members of our team that we had not met either. Yep we roll like that.
I ran 3 legs in the race. 14+ miles.
The view from my first leg:

 First stripe= first leg done
 gotta have a bathroom shot in your SwirlGear.
 Nightime is upon us and things are about to get CRA CRA!!!
 Yep, our ride glows!!
 The other half of our team got stuck in the rain and mud. Not sure I would left him back in the ride.
 She is ready to go.
 Don't you wear glow in the dark earrings?
 Lacing up.
 We managed about 2 hours sleep on the concrete.
 Second leg done. I actually finished in the middle of the night.
 Our team leader brought us doughnuts in the early morning. We offered them to the competition that was passing us.

 At the start of the last leg. Almost done!!!
 third leg done.

Done! Medal in hand! Feeling great!
 They had a slip and slide. I told hubby um no thanks I am not getting my phone wet.
 Our van done!
This is one of the most beautiful races I have ever done. It does not get much better than Zion national Park.

So in the end. I made new friends for life. These 5 people have bonded.So  glad to have met them. So glad for the support and cheerleading.

Until next year right team?

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