Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Color Me Rad 5k

Last Saturday the bestie and I got up before dawn for an awesome girls day.

I was doing my first race with my best friend. I was excited.
A little back bestie is not a runner. End back story.

This was huge for her. I was so glad we were doing it together.

I have never done this race so it was a first for me.

We got there and picked up our bibs, then got back in the car to warm up.

So cold!!!

We finally decided to get out of the warm car and head over. We were the first wave. We got t the main stage and they were getting everyone pumped.

This decided to stand in front of me. Do not wear this outfit and expect me to not take a picture!
Well he did not stop there. He danced too. OMG!!!!!

We finally got started. We decided to do a walk/run. Walk and then run through the color stations.

We were good with the chalk throwing. Then came the liquid!!!! Really could you not do different colors besides green and yellow?
So we looked like something had peed on us and then we made out with the hulk! Not a good look I tell ya.

We finished. That's all that counts. Then we shopped like no other. It was a great day for us girls. A much needed time to ourselves.

Do you like my new looks? I sent this last one to the hubs. Never got a text back. I think he didn't like it.

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