Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Birthday celebration #1

So last night we celebrated Mr Man turning 1.

Nothing big just a little family dinner with cake and ice cream.

We will be having the BIG shindig at Thanksgiving.

He got in a good practice with his cake:

I only had a small freak out that it was all over everything. Good job buddy.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

one year

This might be the saddest and happiest post I ever write.

My baby. My last child. My baby boy turned one today.

I am shedding a tear. He is the last one to turn one.

He has been so much fun this last year. We have laughed so much with him. He is so full of life.  

As sad as I am that he is turning one, I am also so happy to watch him grow even more.

Potty Training

So back when I was pregnant with Mr man I planned on potty training the diva. I did not want to have 2 kids in diapers. It was a great plan till I got to big to bend down and help her.

So we waited. Then she had NO interest. She would cry at the mention of putting panties on. So we waited. I figured that she would want to when she saw her friends at school doing it.

Well 2 months into school and that didn't work.

Well a week ago last Sunday I just told her we were putting panties on. She was fine with that. She was great about it. No accidents all day. Then a diaper at night.

The next morning she had to go to school so I figured that would be a test.

She got up in the morning and waited a little to long to go potty and didn't quite make it. No problem. She was fine the rest of the day, even at school, except for the pooping.

Yep accident. Same thing the next day. Pee was fine but pooping was not.

Not sure how to handle that business.

We have not gone far from home while doing this. All week she has been fine.

Then we decide to go out of town. Not to far. Just an hour and a half drive. Yep I was a little scared. She took a nap the whole way. I kept asking if she had to potty when she woke up but she said no.

Then we get into the first store and I ask again.....YES!! OK lets run across the store and hurry so you don't pee your pants.

We get in there and she goes. Ok remember she is 3.5. "Mommy it worked!!!!"

I was so proud. Then I remind her to always tell me if she has to go again.

Next store, same thing. Great job honey.
Next store, same thing. Here is where it takes a twist. I then needed to go. So I sit down and go when all of a sudden .....
"Mommy look it is working for you to. Now you get to wipe!!!!" Very loud in the echoing bathroom.

Thanks sweetie, that is great. You are so right.

We continued to go potty in every store throughout the day. I am a very proud mommy. My only concern is no pooping. She went all day with no accidents. Not even in the car. I love this potty thing.

"Mommy look! All my poop is in there." Yep proud mommy and proud baby girl. She finally did it. She was so excited to go poop.

So it has been a week and she is so excited to go to the bathroom. She loves to wear NEW panties everyday. She is still in a Huggies Pull-up at night. Although she pretty much stays dry all night.

Now I know she could revert, I am prepared if she does. For now I will be excited that it finally happened. 

Is it too early to train the one who isn't even walking yet? I kid. I have learned that it is better for me not to force them to do something they are not ready to do.

This is called going potty in style. We have since graduated to the big potty and doing great.

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