Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bakers Dozen Half Marathon.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of running and eating at the Bakers Dozen Half Marathon. 
I know you are wondering...eating? And running?
Yep. You run a loop of over 3 miles eat a snack from the Sugar Shack and then run the loop again. You run the loop 4 times. You have to eat at least 3 treats to earn your medal. 
The Sugar Shack 

Here we are at the start. I got to run this with my good friend Lexie. We ran the Lake Powell Half together a few months ago also. Of course I love any excuse to dress up so we were Naughty Elves. 

We werent the only ones dressed up. Check out the guy in green. That is a full suit. 

The group that ran. 

 I loved that it was a small group if people. We had the most fun. 
For part of each loop  we had to run through snow. We walked. There were times when we about fell on the ice. 


Some proof we ate our treats

I have got to work on my jumps. I can not jump for crap.  I always look ridiculous. 

I absolutely loved this race. I should not say race cause it is really all for fun. 

Even so my 10th half marathon is in the books. So glad that I am able to run. 

Thanks Lex for doing it with me.  Such a great day. 

Thanks for the great photos Alex Santiago. Thanks Cory for a fabulous time. 




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