Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday photo dump aka weekly recap

We have had a great week around here. Life has been a little less stressful and the weather has been great. I have loved being able to get out with the kids and enjoy some sunshine. We have had some fun inside too.

When it is quite you need to worry. Found him in the shower. 

 My Apple lovers!!!
 Enjoying the fun in the sun. We have been walking in the afternoons.
 Happy mail day for Shelby. Her grammy told her to order what she wanted for her doll.
He's ready for the game. He will be rooting with his dad.

I am looking forward to our girls trip. Hopefully I will be able to update. If not check us out on Instagram and Facebook. Links on the top right.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Yet another Disney craft!!!

So we are getting closer to our girls trip. One week tomorrow till we are in DisneyLand.

We have mapped it all out. We have all the apps. We have our outfits ready too. Are you ready for the cuteness?
 Adorable right? We used the Minnie font for the letters.

 Again I did all the cuts on my Silhouette Machine
 I used Heat Transfer material.
 I even made one for Cinna. Oh yes she is going with us to Disneyland. She even has her own bag to go with us.
The finished shirts with the girls new BLING from Angel Baby Boutique.

I then decided to make some cute treat boxes for the girls. So I grabbed my ribbon, sticky tape and my used Crystal Light containers.

 Of course we found some TinkerBell fruit snacks to go in them. Shelby picked out the crackers.  I put more snacks in my backpack so they can have refills.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Toddler approved bites!!!!

As a mom I struggle with what to cook for my kids. I have one that isn't quite big enough for all the adult food we eat and the other is kinda picky.
I am always looking at cookbooks and scouring Pinterest for new easy family recipes.

I want to share 2 of them with you. Both of them are approved by my picky eater.

The first is Chili Dip from A Family Feast

My daughter ate practically the whole dish by herself.  We did not use onions or chili. We used left over burger and beans from Navajo Tacos. Great way to use up the leftovers. Good for Super Bowl parties coming up.

The next one was loved by the whole family.  Garlic Cheese Pull Apart Bread
We had it with Spaghetti and Meatballs. Per request of my picky eater!!!! She loved these. So easy to make.
 Of course dinner is not complete without dessert. Banana Splits.  Life is good at our house. Full bellies help.
Her thing for pictures is THUMBS UP!!! With the finger. Ya she is mine. Hope these recipes are a hit at your house. Let me know if you use them and how your family liked them.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Apple Biscuits and a sunny walk

So for Christmas this year I bought Shelby a cookbook for kids, Young Chefs.

Such a great book that  promotes together time with your kids. It tells you what your kids can help with and what you should help them with.

Shelby is always wanting to help cook so I though this would be a perfect solution. I was right.

We chose Apple Biscuits to try today. We did it a little different then the recipe says though.

 We used 2 ingredients. 

                                                                  Spray the pan

 Separate the biscuits and place them on the sheet.
Bake them.

While they were cooling off we set out for a walk. It is 60 degrees in Utah in January. You take advantage  of that and you get your buns outside. 
 Not sure why I was frowning. It was gorg outside!!!

Told you it is beautiful!!!

We went 2 miles. Nothing big but it was nice to get out.

 Split the biscuits in 2.
 She filled them but I could not get a good picture.  And she was excited. 
So then pop them in the microwave and you have a delicious snack.
 You either have my crazy face.......
or hers.......ya related lol.

DIY Disneyland Autograph book

We are going to be doing Disneyland very soon with my daughter and my niece.
 It is a girls only trip so I wanted them to feel special. My niece P will be celebrating becoming a BIG SISTER so I want her to feel extra special.
Shelby and P are 2 weeks apart in age. Perfect friends.

My first thing I wanted to make the girls was an Autograph book.

I downloaded an image of the Mickey head onto my Silhouette and used the trace feature. Then I used a crown that I downloaded from the Silhouette store.  Using the Walter font downloaded from the internet I created their names.

I laminated the front and back using my much loved laminating machine. I used the same cut to cut the inside sheets.

I then punch a hole in each ear and put a 1 inch key ring in each side. I dolled it up a bit with some ribbon.

All the supplies I used were ones I had on hand. $0 cost. I love those types of projects.

Next up on the project list: Matching outfits!!!!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sleepless Nights

Life with a teething baby has made for some sleepless nights at this house for sure. 

No sleep makes it really hard when the alarm goes off at 4:30 am to go workout. 

I have made a goal that even if I have been up all night I was still going to go workout. I have hope that when I return home I can go back to sleep while hubby goes to work.  It does not always workout like that so with my new goal I had hope. 

Here I am today all dressed up for the cold and so tired. I almost fell asleep holding my shoe. 

But instead of staying in bed or going back to my warm bed I got up and out the door. 

See my excitement:

I was glad that I got out there and did it. 

I came home and the kids were still asleep. So I crawled back into bed where my toddler was. I got warm and fell asleep. I did not even get out of my running clothes. Even kept my hat on. 
I did not even here hubby get ready for work. 
I woke up around 7:30 abd got the teenager up hoping he would not be late. 
Turned on a movie for Shelby. Back to sleep. 
Baby wakes up and Shelby helps him out of his bed. He crawled in bed with me and back to sleep we went. 

I heard a knock at the door and then they rang the doorbell. 

I then noticed it was 10:30 am and the kids and I had a great catch up on some sleep. 

So thankful they let me sleep and they even got some rest themselves. 

Of course Shelby wanted to in on the post.  




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