Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It's a baseball life for us....

Well around these parts it is baseball season.

When it is cold at the field we are in the car watching movies.

BUT when it is warm...... we are out enjoying it. It was a gorgeous day for  a game yesterday. We usually have 2 games. During the first game we went for a 2 mile run. Then we came back and had dinner daddy and played at the park. It was right behind the ball field so I watched the kids and the game and they played.
It was a win for us all. My step son pitched a beautiful game and had some great hits as well. I caught him sliding into home. Great job bud.

We love baseball in this family. Personally.......GO ANGELS!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Do you ever miss a holiday?

So the other day was St. Patricks Day?

Do you participate in the festivities of the day?

Since my daughter was born I have always tried to do something. This year was no different. Except this year I sucked. I had great plans. I had everything pinned and then....

Holy shit it's Monday the day of St Patrick's day and I do not have anything done!!!

I got up early to run and then came home and told the hubs that I suck as a mom. So I got to thinking.
I even wore green post workout! Not my shirt.

Something simple: Green Breakfast!!!

 She was so excited!  This told me I don't suck!

 We also did the mandatory picture taking:
Full of sass just like I like her to be

My heartbreaker

We also made some really yummy Leprechaun treats!
1 bag of microwave popcorn
2 cups golden grahams
1 cups peanuts

White chocolate dyed green

Mix all the dry ingredients and melt the chocolate.

Pour chocolate over the dry mix and stir. When it is all coated I laid it out on parchment paper on a cookie sheet and put it in the freezer to harden.

Break it up and enjoy.

I never miss a holiday. I don't because my daughter thinks the little things I do are so exciting. She tells everyone that will listen. So as long as we are making memories I will continue to do it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lake to Lake Relay

So about 2 weeks ago my friend Lexie sends me a text asking if I want to join her relay team. The team is for the Lake to Lake Relay.

50 mile relay. You can do 2 or 5 man teams. Or you can run solo!

My first question was 2 or 5?

When she said 5 I was in. It was local and looked like fun.

We should have won best Team Van...I mean check out the awesome work Lexie did!!!

We got up early and headed to the start line:
The starting line was at Gunlock Resevoir

Beautiful morning right?

The day called for cold rain. We hoped that it would not be to bad.
 Here we are at the start. It was cold and brezzy. I had the first leg. I was a little nervous.

 Can you see the rainbow?

Just some random photos that we all took. The day was great. The race was beautiful. The company was fabulous. 
I finish line was at Sand Hollow Reservoir.
50 miles 5 friends 

We had a blast. I can not wait till next month to do it all again. Bring on Ragnar Zion.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Warmer days keep on coming

I am in love with warm weather.
I hate the cold.
I was born and raised in warm weather.
One of my reasons I want to move.

So when the sun finally peeks out from the clouds we take advantage.

 He loves to steal the neighbors shovel. Ok not the neighbors, it is Auntie Rachel's. I told you he loves it Rach.

I hope the warm weather will continue. I need it,

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Finally my Disneyland Post

So last month my sister had a baby. That means two things.

1. I got to see my sister
2. We went to Disneyland

You saw my previous posts about all the stuff I made for the girls. I was lucky enough to be able to spoil my niece and daughter with a day at the happiest place on earth.

All set to go......

Mamas fuel

On the tram. So excited.

We got the ears!

Waiting to see Tangled at the Royal Theater

Riding the Carousel

Waiting in line and riding Dumbo

Their favorite ride....Teacups

Beautiful day at Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Minnie Mouse!

The Jungle Cruise - We had a great guide named Tony. The girls loved seeing all the different animals. We even made sure to ask for a map of our cruise after.

Toon Town is always a treat. We even got to meet Mickey Mouse.

We had lunch at the Jolly Holiday Bakery. It was a first for me and it will not be the last.We also had Churros of course.

The girls met TinkerBell and Silvermist. P told Silvermist that she liked her shoes. She replied with "Thank you they have extra Pixie Dust on them today. ". So cute.

Cars Land was so fun even with very little kids. They screamed and laughed on Junkyard Jamboree. So fun watching their enjoyment.

Shelby loved Ariel's ride The Little Mermaid. She got off of it and said she could not wait to tell her brother about it. It was the most awesome ride ever.

California Adventure is amazing at night. The lights, the parade all of it is amazing. The girls were awestruck.

The looks here tell me it was a good day at DisneyLand.

I have more pictures on my big camera, these are from my phone. I could do a few more posts on our day but pretty sure these capture it best.

We are so excited to be going again in October. Counting down the days.
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