Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lake to Lake Relay

So about 2 weeks ago my friend Lexie sends me a text asking if I want to join her relay team. The team is for the Lake to Lake Relay.

50 mile relay. You can do 2 or 5 man teams. Or you can run solo!

My first question was 2 or 5?

When she said 5 I was in. It was local and looked like fun.

We should have won best Team Van...I mean check out the awesome work Lexie did!!!

We got up early and headed to the start line:
The starting line was at Gunlock Resevoir

Beautiful morning right?

The day called for cold rain. We hoped that it would not be to bad.
 Here we are at the start. It was cold and brezzy. I had the first leg. I was a little nervous.

 Can you see the rainbow?

Just some random photos that we all took. The day was great. The race was beautiful. The company was fabulous. 
I finish line was at Sand Hollow Reservoir.
50 miles 5 friends 

We had a blast. I can not wait till next month to do it all again. Bring on Ragnar Zion.

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