Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day BBQ with Printables

So someone wanted to have a party day.
 I am always up for a party. 
So I searched Pinterest for some cute Memorial Day printables and found these. They are great for all your food table decorations. I also found this printable from No Biggie. It is staying up through Summer. It is a great patriotic addition.

Here is the final result: 

This Kale/Apple Potato Salad is so good. Find the Recipe here

 Our fruit flag kabobs were drizzled in Velata Chocolate. Yum!

 A party isn't complete without mason jar cups!

 Just hanging out with my main man!

 Perfect Memorial Day activity!!

She was so excited for her PARTY!!!

We had so much fun with our family. Thanks to everyone who came. Oh and we got to check an item off our Summer Bucket List...stay tuned!

Friday, May 23, 2014

40+ bloggers + the great outdoors= One amazing weekend

So about a week ago I was surfing the Utah bloggers group on FB and noticed that someone had a ticket for the Family Forward Adventure Weekend by Mom it Forward. I asked if she still had it and the rest is not important. The important part is that I got to spend an amazing weekend with amazing ladies.
 photo credit:  Beingspiffy

We went to Zion Ponderosa. If you are not local you should make a trip up there. Of course the locals already know it is a great place.

I had been up there 2 weeks prior for Ragnar but it was not the same experience.

First let me show you a bit of the houses we got to enjoy.

They were amazing to say the least.

The first night after a little meet and greet and dinner we went for a sunset walk. After a glass of wine of course. The night was sponsored by the Dairy council of Utah/ Nevada. What a great first night getting to know everyone.
 With one of my roomies, Heather, from Kids Email

 Photo Credit: Mom it Forward

We even had an ice cream sundae contest. It was so fun seeing all the unique combinations everyone came up with. The ice cream was from Aggie Ice Cream. I chose Blue Mint with Butterfinger and sprinkles! So yummy!
 We soon separated into our houses for the evening so we could prepare for our next day's adventures.

Look at all of us learning all the awesome video skills from Aaron Coleman. He and his wife Rachel (from Signing Times) were at the resort with us. They are both amazing. The story they have to tell is one everyone should here. Shelby loves the new Tree Schoolers DVD I got to bring home. We even got one to gift someone......
After morning class we went over to the main activity area and got ready to go Canyoneering.  Yes you read that right. I went Canyoneering. It was so fun. One thing I was not supposed to go. Zion Ponderosa gave some of the bloggers an awesome opportunity to go up in a helicopter. One of those lucky ladies had to give up canyoneering. It was a win win for both of us.
After hiking and more classes we took a wagon ride to the overlook of Jolley's Gulch on the ponderosa. We had a beautiful team of horse named Frank and Jessie. We had dutch oven dinner that was so good. We were even serenaded by 2 cowboys.

Photo Credit: Mom it Forward
Greatest looking group of bloggers right?
We also had a bonfire and smores in the evening but I took no pictures..... bad blogger!

The next day after our final class with Aaron we had another activity planned and lunch.

 Jeep Tour Unimog style.
 Here I am with Amy from The Idea Room. We have been friends on Instagram for awhile. We were so excited to get to meet each other. She is just the sweetest. She has some mad talents only I know about. :)

We had to say goodbye after a fun filled weekend of adventure and learning. The great women behind this event our awesome.
Thanks to the following for the swag and the awesome weekend:
Mom it Forward 
Rachel and Aaron Coleman
Agnes and Dora
Great Harvest
Miracle Harvest
Dairy Council of Utah/Nevada

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cinco de Mayo 2014

We did not do much to celebrate Cinco de Mayo yesterday. I always make a mexican themed dinner but I wanted to do a little craft as well.

I found a facebook page recently called Toddler Approved. They had a DIY pinata on there that seemed easy enough. We had all the supplies. After school I got out the supplies and helped her make a pinata. We also used some of the left over Easter suckers.

She had fun making it. I had fun helping her.

After dinner her dad hung it up for her and she set out to break it open. We found we needed a stronger bat but she had fun and got the job done.

How did you celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

Monday, May 5, 2014

21 day fix

So if you following me on Instagram or Facebook (which you should  ---> links over to the right) then you know that I have been doing the 21 day fix from Beachbody.

Have you heard of it?

Well let me start a few months back around March 1 of 2014 when I ran the Lake to Lake Relay. I saw pictures after and was like what? That's not me.

  Far Left if you aren't sure

Truth is it was. I had somehow (I really know how....still in denial lol.) gained 11 pounds back from last summer.
To say I was depressed was an understatement. That number still defines me in my head. I knew I wasn't feeling great. I was sluggish. I wasn't sleeping good. I figured it was a restless toddler and winter.

I needed to change some things. I started calorie counting. Which I hate. WITH A PASSION. It is just so hard and not for me. I lost 5 pounds doing that.
Then I heard about the 21 day fix. I can do anything for 21 days. So not only did I order it but I signed up  to become a Beachbody coach. I believe in them and in me.

So 3 weeks ago I started. By the 3rd day I knew I could do it.  Real food I love.Food I choose. I can even incorporate my food into what my family is eating and I do not have to make different meals.

So 3 weeks ago I started and today was the end of my FIRST 21 day fix. So how did I do....

7 pounds and 12 inches total overall. I consider it a success. WHY? I lost of course but more importantly I gained a new me back. I had a few slip ups. I enjoyed some dinneres with my family. I had Easter candy. Even with all those things I did not let it discourage me.I just started back to my new path the next day. I have more energy. I sleep so much better through the night.

The workouts are awesome. Even though I hurt my knee doing them just before Ragnar. No biggie, just modify and push through.

So are you ready to start your 21 days? Start here

Do you have great clean eating recipes?

You did what?

So a few months ago A good friend of mine and I decided we wanted to run Ragnar Trail Zion.
We put out a plea on Facebook asking for teammates. It didn't take long and we had a team of 8.

Fast forward to a week ago Friday and we were on our way to the Zion Ponderosa to run Ragnar Trail Zion.
Not only was it a first for all of us but we found out later it was a first for Ragnar Zion.
It became the biggest trail race to date for them. How awesome to be a part of it.
I am proud of what I ran. I have never ran trail before. I am not to proud of my time.
Let's just say I ran the green loop which was 4ish miles and the red loop which was 8.2 miles. I ran the red loop at night and it was the hardest thing I have ever done.

We had the most awesome team of eight. The Redneck Rebels #hornyhunters. Make sure you use the hashtag.

As you can see from the photo we got some snow. Around 2 am I heard the rain start. Around 6 am we made a group decision and it started to snow. We still had a runner out and we were worried sick. We were packing up camp when our runner came back in with the beginning of frostbite. Ragnar decided to cancel the race, another first, due to snow and safety. We all still got our medals.

This race had it all. Sun, wind, rain and snow. Most of all it had FUN. Such a great group of rednecks. I loved every minute of it. Thanks Ragnar.

Can not wait till next year. 

Have you ever done Ragnar Trail?
What is the hardest race ever for you?

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Everyday life as we like it

This weekend has gone by so fast.

Started out on Friday with some Physical Therapy. Youngest person in there with the oldest knees.

Then we hung out by the pool for the first time this season.

Saturday brought some new adventures. We went up to the park. We bought some flying saucers, a beach ball, a frisbee and a bat with ball. We had a family game of baseball and tossed the frisbee around. We had fun on the swings as well.

We had more pool time, dinner and more pool time. It's warm we can't get enough of the pool.

We did some shopping and the girls got some new shoes. Shelby got her first pair of converse. Of course Pink!

Today was a shopping day. We bought a new BBQ. Tis the season to grill. We made burgers and they were so good. The of course we watched Star Wars to celebrate the day. (May the fourth be with you).
It was just a normal weekend but we had so much fun! 

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