Sunday, May 4, 2014

Everyday life as we like it

This weekend has gone by so fast.

Started out on Friday with some Physical Therapy. Youngest person in there with the oldest knees.

Then we hung out by the pool for the first time this season.

Saturday brought some new adventures. We went up to the park. We bought some flying saucers, a beach ball, a frisbee and a bat with ball. We had a family game of baseball and tossed the frisbee around. We had fun on the swings as well.

We had more pool time, dinner and more pool time. It's warm we can't get enough of the pool.

We did some shopping and the girls got some new shoes. Shelby got her first pair of converse. Of course Pink!

Today was a shopping day. We bought a new BBQ. Tis the season to grill. We made burgers and they were so good. The of course we watched Star Wars to celebrate the day. (May the fourth be with you).
It was just a normal weekend but we had so much fun! 

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