Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What to do with instagram pictures?

So I have been printing off my pictures from my instagram feed. I used Persnickety prints to get them done.
I was in awe when I got them.
Perfect packaging...check

Awesome quality....check check
Sweet note on my invoice....check check check

I am in love with this company.

I wanted to put most of them in the kids scrapbook. I also don't want them in a book no one sees. So I decided to take my extra clips from my Silhouette Advent calendar frame and get creative.
I got out my magnet tape and put it on the back of the clips. I have had this magnet frame hanging on my wall and never use it. So today I put all these things to use and got this......

I am in love. I can switch them out and everyone get to enjoy them.

What do you do with your insta prints?

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