Tuesday, August 26, 2014

National Park Day

So yesterday was National Park Day. Celebrating the birthday of our National Park system. We live about 45 minutes from, in my opinion, the most beautiful national park Zion National Park

If you have never visited put it on your list. Its amazing. GO NOW make your arrangements. Here is the link again.

So we ( meaning me and the kids, hubs was working)  decided that since we live so close and it was free all day that we would take advantage of it. 

 Shelby looks really happy right?
 Me, 2 kids in a National Park?

We even took my grandparents over to have lunch in Springdale. The town just outside the park on the other side from us.

We had the most amazing lunch at Wildcat Willies at the Bumbleberry Inn. The service was amazing and the food was mouth watering. They even had stickers Sheriff badges for my kids. They decor is amazing and some of it is even nailed down so even my kids can't destroy the place. 2 thumbs up for just that!!!

I told the hubs that from now on when we go we are eating there.

So good.

They have big portions on the kids meal so they told me up front that my kids could share a plate. It was perfect. 

Of course having my 2 kids without the hubs I only took a picture of my plate.  I had the B.L.A.T with sweet potato fries. Worth the drive alone. My grandpa had a salad and it was huge. My gram had a pasta dish and it was huge as well. You are for sure getting what you pay for.

             Pretty sure it was a good lunch all around. My favorite pic of the day. I love my gram.

After lunch we went and played in the Virgin River. A great way to cool off after your hike if you chose to do one. We did not but we enjoyed the water so much. We played for an hour or more, got really dirty and enjoyed the peacefulness. Another check mark for our summer bucket list. Find a beach....as close as we will get in southern utah.

Much better face!!!

On the way home I stopped and snapped some pictures. These are straight from my camera or phone with no filter or photoshop. I love them. Zion Canyon is jawdropping beautiful.

Happy Birthday to our National Parks.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Western Legends 2014

Every year Kanab puts on the Western Legends Round Up. You can read more about it here. This year hubby was hunting so I decided to take the kids and go check it all out. There is always a lot of shopping. They even had some fun stuff for the kids to do.
 Panning for gold.

 They both got to do the cornhole toss and the got deputized.

 My very shy girl even pet a bunny at the petting zoo.

They had a parade at high noon but we came home for a nap. I hate doing things with the 2 of them without my hubby but today was a success.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

St. George Childrens Museum

 I love when we have spur of the moment trips. We decided to take the kids to the St. George Children's Museum. We had to go over to pick up some things for the hubby anyway so we decided to let the kids have some fun as well.

 I love these two. The are so much alike, even in their walk.

So many things that kids get to experience. They can be a mail person, banker, radio star, farmer, baker.....the list goes on here.

 We could not stop him from milking the cow. Everytime we took him to a new part of the room he would go back to the cow.

 Pilots on approach
 They even got to repair a car.

 She really does not like to be the center of attention.
 My patriots

 Playing ball with dad

 You can even see how you measure up to a real NBA player.......He got to John Stockton
You know it was a good time had by all when they are crying as you leave.  It was so fun.

The museum is run on donations from the visitors. It is a free museum but they ask for a donation if you can.
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