Thursday, August 21, 2014

St. George Childrens Museum

 I love when we have spur of the moment trips. We decided to take the kids to the St. George Children's Museum. We had to go over to pick up some things for the hubby anyway so we decided to let the kids have some fun as well.

 I love these two. The are so much alike, even in their walk.

So many things that kids get to experience. They can be a mail person, banker, radio star, farmer, baker.....the list goes on here.

 We could not stop him from milking the cow. Everytime we took him to a new part of the room he would go back to the cow.

 Pilots on approach
 They even got to repair a car.

 She really does not like to be the center of attention.
 My patriots

 Playing ball with dad

 You can even see how you measure up to a real NBA player.......He got to John Stockton
You know it was a good time had by all when they are crying as you leave.  It was so fun.

The museum is run on donations from the visitors. It is a free museum but they ask for a donation if you can.

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