Thursday, September 11, 2014

Red Day

Today was red day at school.

Shelby had to wear red to school. That is so hard with her wardrobe. She owns nothing red! I find it odd since the school colors in this town are Red and White. Well she has one red dress. That's it.

So we got dressed up in our one red dress and went and to the park for some fun with friends. Shelby's best friend from pre-school last year is moving away and they wanted to have one last playdate together.

We are so sad they are moving but so happy at the same time. New adventures are to be had.

Going to the park and wearing red gave her the perfect excuse to wear a new bow from Sweet Petunia Boutique.

 About the only time Shawn would get in the picture would be to show me his back.

Such great friends. We will miss them.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

So it's true she's growing up.

My baby girl started preschool last week. She went to pre school last year as well. This is going to be her last year in pre-school. She goes to big girl school next year.

I did not cry. I figure I didn't for a few reasons. She was wanting to ride her bike to school so I was worried about being late. I had Shawnie in the stroller and he was climbing everywhere and distracting me. So I think all in all I was just uptight about the whole thing and didn't cry. Shawn did. All the way home. In fact it has been a week and he is still crying when we drop her off.

She loves it. She is so excited to go everyday. She tells me everything she learned. She sings me songs. In one week I have noticed such a difference.

Next year they will both be in school. Not sure how I will handle that. For now while she is at school he naps.  Two hours for mama. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

3D lashes WhAT??

Have you used Younique 3d fiber lashes? I was able to get my hands on some the other day.


Why did I wait so long?

These things are amazing. They are like extensions but better.

                                                Top two photos are with just mascara

                 Here is a top and bottom comparison shot. Only one coat of fiber lashes on this picture.
         Here is a shot with 2 coats of lashes. UM! Have you ordered yours yet? Well guess what you     can here.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Inagural Southern Utah Half

I was so excited when this race was announced. I signed up right away. It was perfect timing. I had done the Bryce Canyon Half in July and needed one for August. This was it. Perfect.

I ended up winning a free entry into this race and was even more excited. I had already signed up so I was able to defer my paid entry till net year.

As the day got closer I found out that some very close friends were running it as well. Could this race get any better?

I got a call the day I left from my sister. We talked about my nephew. I live so far away and can't always help. I decided to start running for him. His struggles are more than I could relate to. He is amazing and so is his mom. So I made my shirt for HayJo.

I went down the night before and got a room with a friend and got ready for race day. We had an amazing room. I fell in love with the bed.

 There was a note telling about the different pillow fluffiness. Who has that? Love it. I had choices. Maybe I was just excited to get a bed to myself lol.

We got up in the morning and got on the first bus to the start line. We were ready. I found my girls and we had a mini reunion. I have missed these girls. We have a bond that can not be broken.

 Finally it was time to race. We were off. We had great time. We were having fun. We didn't care about anything.

                                                                Look at the view. So amazing.
The course is beautiful. We were booking along and making great time. Then I hit mile 10. Lost all that I had. Could not go anymore. I finished. It was a terrible time but I finished. I finished with a smile.

                Some deep thinking going on here. I can't remember what we were talking about.

                                               Hello! Who doesn't like a huge medal?

I loved this race. I had an amazing time. This was a well run race. So organized. They started on time and everything  went off without a hitch. Great volunteers and the aid stations were amazing.

So half number 12 is in the books.

Some great places to follow:
Sparkle Athletic
Southern Utah Half Marathon

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