Thursday, September 11, 2014

Red Day

Today was red day at school.

Shelby had to wear red to school. That is so hard with her wardrobe. She owns nothing red! I find it odd since the school colors in this town are Red and White. Well she has one red dress. That's it.

So we got dressed up in our one red dress and went and to the park for some fun with friends. Shelby's best friend from pre-school last year is moving away and they wanted to have one last playdate together.

We are so sad they are moving but so happy at the same time. New adventures are to be had.

Going to the park and wearing red gave her the perfect excuse to wear a new bow from Sweet Petunia Boutique.

 About the only time Shawn would get in the picture would be to show me his back.

Such great friends. We will miss them.

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