Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lake Powell Half 2014

So this last weekend I had the opportunity to again run the Lake Powell Half in Page,Arizona by Vacation Races.

I was given a free entry for this race and was not ready. I was not mentally into it. I had not run as much as I should have. 

Race morning came and I was up at 4 am to start the mental and physical prep. 

Shower ✔️
Supplements ✔️

Let's do this. 

Typical race gear. Sparkle Athletic skirt, shirt,hat and calf sleeves. 
I also wore my hydration pack. I normally wear it but this is a cupless race so it is a must. 
iPod, Jaybirds and Garmin charged. 
Brooks running shoes. 

I sound ready right?

We arrived at the race and picked up our bibs. 

7:30 UT time the race was on. We ran through Page for a few miles and I was feeling great. 
Around Mile 4 we started on a dirt trail and went about 2 miles. Compared to running last year I was feeling great. I ran more of the trail this year.

After hitting the pavement again it was downhill till after mile 7. We crossed the Glen Canyon Dam and it is an amazing site. 
The weather was overcast and the view of  Lake Powell was pristine. 
After the bridge there is a beast of a hill. Around this time my Plantar Fasciitis started to flare up. So I started running intervals at that point. 
The wind kicked up a little. A few more hills.  Still going. 

Around mile 12 I walked a bit more then I wanted. I had been trying to beat my time from last year but realized this was not going to happen. 

I finished a little slower than I had hoped. I realized the time didn't matter. I finished. I had a blast. 
Hello do you see that bling? 

Thanks Vacation Races for the race entry and another amazing race. 

My favorite picture!!!

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