Saturday, November 15, 2014

Cold Running Begins

It is offically cold here. I have been dreading this. I do not like running in the cold. Cool temps yes but not freezing.

That picture shows you the temp but the real feel was 30 degrees. 

So I layered up. 2 shirts and a coat. I feel like Baymax from Big Hero 6, which we saw last night, in all my layers.  
Thank you North Face and Under Armor for keeping me warm. 

I told my hubby when I left that I would be going 6 miles. 4 miles was my back up plan and 2 miles was my back up back up plan. 

I went 4. I walked some. I have not been running during the week. 
I felt great and it wasn't completely as cold as I thought. 

It was beautiful as I was coming home. Now to enjoy some coffee. 

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