Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Monster, Oatmeal and Guardians oh my

So the point of me signing up for winter races was to keep running and stay in shape.

 I am 1 for 2.

It just goes back and forth. I haven't really been putting all my efforts into running lately.
I guess the drawback,for me, in signing up for so many races it that I get burned out.
So today I just ran for fun. No gps tracking no planned route. Just me and my tunes. I have no idea how far I went. i have no idea what my pace was . I went out in the winter cold and just ran. It was awesome. I loved it.

 It was dark and cold at 5 am. but I did it!!!
 Yep left that on the counter. Need to do that more often.
 I also get to come home and snuggle with this cutie. Plus she keeps my bed warm.
 My kids and I are addicted to this movie and the sound track. Shawn has to dance with me to every song.
 This was breakfast this morning. Um yes we are a family of techies.

Do you see a theme? Yep he is my monster. I love him. He is also not a fan of double dipping. One bite and sets it to the side.

How do you keep active in the winter?

What soundtrack is your favorite?

Favorite movie?

Favorite song?

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