Monday, December 29, 2014

Oh Pumpkin spice

I consider myself to be a pretty good judge when it comes to non-Starbucks Pumpkin Spice. I love it. I actually love anything Pumpkin Spice.

Pumpkin spread

Seriously addicted

So I was at Target the other day. Another addiction. I needed some new coffee for my Keurig, which they did not have, and I came across Pumpkin Spice. So I grabbed it. Worth a try right? I have tried other brands of Pumpkin Spice and not been thrilled so I was hesitant.

It is FANTASTIC. I love it. I added a little bit of Vanilla Creamer to it. Then enjoyed it in my new favorite cup from one of my favorite races.

Speaking of one of my favorite races let's talk about it.

So the last 2 December I have run/walked the Bakers Dozen Half Marathon. It is a 3+ mile loop race that you do 4 times. At the end of each loop you get a treat from the Sugar Shack. At the end of the race you get a super big totally awesome medal. Of course you do not get the medal if you don't complete the laps and eat your treats.
I went as a snowman this year. Shelby was so upset I dressed as Olaf and not Elsa.

 Nothing like a great picture of the potty line before the race.
 A little trail running along the way.
 I had to have a least one doughnut for my friend Kaylynn from Among the Young
 Getting marked up at the Sugar Shack

You can even see Buddy the Elf! This is the race director Cory from Fast Cory. He is so amazing.

This year they added a relay option. 4 members do 1 loop. I am so doing this race with my entire family next year. 

If you want to get more info on this race go to the Facebook page here.

Do you love Pumpkin Spice?

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