Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Reindeer 10k with family

Just before Christmas I had a chance to run with my cute "nephews".
I had a virtual 10k to run and they wanted to go with me.
 Yes it was cold. But I had to go cause I am in training.

It was also the day we would say goodbye to our elf Trinket.  Her wrote them a letter, left some toys and they gave him a goodbye kiss.
OK back to the story. Running.

We decided to do it at the high school track. Then they could go their pace and I could go mine.

We look excited right?

It was a lot of fun. We sang Christmas Carols as we were running.

Took some selfies...
Don't mind the weird face as I run.

Then just like that we were done. 

So much fun to go out with kids and do fun activities together. After this we went on a hike!!

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