Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Snow Canyon 5k and Kids races

Are you there? Are you still following? Am I just talking to myself? 

I have been away for a bit.
 I have been busy with my baby girl starting kindergarten. 
Only a slight meltdown when that happened.

Also the oldest is now a senior and plays football so that is ultra imporantante. Did you read that? 
He's a SENIOR!!!
They are going to state...see how he excited he is... 

Also I started working at nights to get me out of the house a bit. So we are busy around here.

This week started my training schedule for the Zion Half Marathon. Zion may be my favorite park in Utah. I love the Vacation Races series. This one I will be pacing AND it is all uphill. Holy Crap. So you get the training right?
So to start off the  18 week program I designed for myself I did a 5k. Let me start by saying I do not do many 5ks. If I am going to run I like it to be far. I chose to do the 5k for 2 reasons. 
  • First I signed up for the runners series for the St George Marathon. I have 2 complete 2 Washington County races 5k or longer in distance. So I chose to do the Snow Canyon one first.
  • Snow Canyon has a kids race. When looking at the times for that I knew I would not finish the half  before the kids started so 5k it was. 
My race started at 9. We got there a bit early. Checked out the track and the finish then went to line up to start.
 The view of the start line. So beautiful and clear. Where the guy in the red hoodie is standing is where the kids started their race and ran to the finish line. They ran 200 meters. Next year they will run the mile or the half mile.

 The finish line. They have a beautiful school in Snow Canyon. So happy they allow us use of their facilities.
 Ready to start.

After we got started I realized that I had messed up setting my intervals. I have said before that I interval run. The day's plan since I had not been running was to run 3 minutes and walk 30 seconds. I set it for running 3 minutes and walking a mile. Yeah that was not going to work. So I told myself I would run to the first mile mark and walk for 30 seconds.
That came and went. I kept running. I hit the first hill, looked down and kept running. I got to the top of the hill and walked for about a minute to catch my breath. Then we ran downhill and turned around to come up the hill we had just run down. Again at the top I walked for a bit. Then started to run. I thought to myself maybe I could actually run the whole thing. I was trying to stay around a 10-11 minute mile. I did not want to injure myself. I was just taking it easy.

 I took this picture to send to my husband to let him know where I was. He sent back a text telling my great job, keep going.

This guy has my sign. 

 Around this point I am still running. I thought about my friend Brooke and the fact that she calls me sparkle butt and I just started crying. I have been ultra emotional lately. I text my hubby saying I was at the church and he told me KEEP PUSHING!!!
Just at that moment This Girl is on Fire came on. I ran and I put everything I had into it. I tried to pass the girl in front of me but then she kicked it up a notch as well.  We pushed each other at the end. She beat me but not without a fight. 
Not the best picture but that is one determined women right there.

I finished in 35:28 minutes.  7th out of 16 in age group.
Which was a PR of 3 minutes......
Previous 5k times
Jan 2010     49:00      61st in age group. Last place in age group.
Nov 2010   48:44      21st out of 23 in age group
Jan 2011     38:14      34th out of 50 in age group
Apparently I get faster as I get older.
I was so excited to be done and have some food. I know it was only a 5k but I didn't eat before hand. Also Waffle Bliss was at the finish so ya I ate good:

After filling my belly I got to watch the half marathoners start to come in. I knew one of my fellow bloggers was about to come in. I have wanted to meet her so bad. She is just the cutest. So I stalked her and found her and her cute mom and daughter. Go Check out Janae at Hungry Runner Girl

Then it was onto the kids races!!

They got lined up and were off. I was able to run with Shelby. This year they asked us not to. So I ran along side them.
I told Shelby to make sure Mr Man didn't get  run over. She said "Don't worry Mom." So here is how she made sure.

 She held his hand the entire way. She never let go till she saw me again. Love that she was being his protector.
At the end all medaled up.
 Snow Canyon is one of my most favorite races. I love that I live close enough to do it every year.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Great start to Father's Day

The kids and I met up with a girlfriend and her kids to participate in this today. What a great cause. Read more about the center here.

It was hill after hill but so fun. I was so proud of all the girls for completing it without to much whining.  We are looking forward to next year.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

TinkerBell Half Marathon and a horse show....what?

So after laughing non stop I finally got some sleep and woke up early the next day for the TinkerBell Half Marathon.

I love this race. I ran it the first year and was sad that I missed the next 2 years.

We got up way early to drive to the race. I was not feeling great from the food the night before. I was hoping that my tummy would cooperate.

 Waiting in the Corrals....nervous to get started.
 Of course Fireworks to get it started.

 Strolling into Cars Land

 At this point I hurt my heel somehow so of course I stopped for a picture with my girl's favorite Fairy. She was so excited to see this.....
 Goofy pic of the girl taking a pic lol
 Ready to storm the castle one last time.
 Running through. Aren't the new celebration decorations pretty?

 Last time through the tunnel for awhile. Till next time.
 Pixie Dust Challenge done. You can sign up for the challenge. Then you have to run the 10k and the half. 19.3 glorious miles!!!! Then you get the 3rd medal.  I made it. I was done. I spent a lot of time walking due to my foot and a lot of time in the bathroom due to my belly. I didn't care since I was at disney and wanted to enjoy it all.

After the race we went to a horse show that my mom's ranch was participating in. My mom's husband is amazing and always includes the kids in things. Even taking them on rides in the carriage.

Of course since we have not had an updated family photo in awhile we had to take one.

I love my time with my family. We have the best times and make the best memories. I would not trade them for the world.  I had an amazing Mother's Day with my mom, my sister and my kids. I am blessed.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tinker Bell 10k

Friday was a play day as we got ready for the TinkerBell 10K the next day. We spent the morning at my sister's store/my mom's office. My sister has amazing clothes that I get to try on and some pretty amazing glasses too. Go shop here...

 I ended up taking this beauty home with me. It is great from all seasons.
Of course I had to have a Bean and Cheese from Baker's. It just would not be a trip home without it. If you are from out of town and ever visit the Inland Empire in California make sure to stop. You will not be sorry. Pretty sure they put crack in those things. Just Sayin'.

So the next day was all about the 10k and the kids races. We had signed the 3 oldest kids up to run. I say you learn something new at each race. The girls being the same age were in the same group. Shawn was a group below them. Had I known that they could all run together I would have let them. No one was checking the ages. The bibs are all the same. I would love to let my kids run all together. Lesson learned. 

I loved the 10k. I had so much fun. It was busy and you have to bob and weave but I loved it. It is mostly in the park so you have an amazing time. 
 Ready to fly....
 I did not submit a time so I was in Corral D. I also did not read the signs properly and lined up in Corral E.

 As always there is Rudy getting us started.
 Hello again to my happy place. Let's do this.
My favorite castle in the whole kingdom.

 This is Shawn's favorite ride. Since we were not doing the parks  I took a picture for him.
  Just hangin out with Mickey and Walt.

 Right at the end I saw Shelby's favorite fairy.
 Part 1 of the Pixie Dust Challenge DONE!! Let's Eat!!

Oh wait the kids need to race......
 We were a little late so we ran to the Corrals.

 Bubba ran first. He was so tired and not as happy as he was at the Star Wars races.
 See....ages 1-3. That does not mean your 6 year old can run in it.
 Waiting for sister and cousin and about to fall asleep on my head.
 There go the girls.....flying fast.

 My favorite picture all day.
 About 5 minutes after the race..

Mom texted me on the way home and asked if dinner was on the schedule. Of course you do not have to ask these sisters if they want food. Of course it was Mexican. Our favorite.

 What is good food without good drinks. I had a half to run in the morning soooo small drink for me please.

 Our awesome mom. She thinks we are goofy but she loves us.

Tomorrow I will finish the Pixie Dust Challenge.

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