Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 off to a great start!

 So I decided to create a new challenge for myself in 2015. I am committed to doing 1 mile a day everyday. This is in addition to the strength training and cross training that I do. I am still doing a half marathon a month till July as well. That was my challenge last July.

Currently I am training for the RunDisney StarWars Half Marathon Weekend. So after indulging a little with the family over the holidays I decided to start the new year right and be prepped for Disneyland.
Advocare Herbal Cleanse is a 10 day cleanse that helps restore your body to optimal function. I was excited and ready to start the cleanse. I ordered the Peaches and Cream flavor. Get yours here.

 See the excitement on Day 1.
 Hit the snow for some trail running with my YakTrax. They have a run and walk version. I have the walk version and they are amazing. I ran/walked (mostly walk) up the trail at a 13 minute pace.
 I am the only foot prints.
 My beautiful town all covered in snow.


 Day 1 back in the gym after 8 days off. Feeling fluffy.
 Another mile out in the snow. Ran the mile and a half I wanted and felt great. Even in 18 degree weather.

All smiles.

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