Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year Old Family

Wow what a week!

We have had family here for 10 days and it has been amazing. My kids had so much fun with cousins. My gram got a Christmas Miracle. I got my "sisters" back. Life is awesome!!!

 Christmas Eve Party at Grandma's House
 These two melt my heart

New Year's Eve Day we got some snow. Everyone wanted to go play in it.

 Getting ready to throw a snowball. Watch out

 After all the snow fun we had a party to get ready for.

We played lots of Minute to Win it games from The Idea Room . We put our own spin on a few to allow the younger kids to play.
 Blowing cups off the table.
 Even I got in on the games. Not always behind the camera.
 Auntie made crowns from tree garland.

 Grandma and Grandpa left while we were still having fun but we stopped for a picture.
The Penguin walk was so funny.

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