Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patricks Day

This year is going down as a flop in my department.

Normally I have decorations out, green colored food and a little mischief around the house. This year with the move I did not do that.

I have called myself a failure all day. I am not saying moms who don't go all out are failures. I am saying I feel like one because I love doing that stuff. I love the little holidays as much as the big ones. I want my kids to remember the traditions we start. 

I was able to get some green stuff and a little mischief in at lunch.

 Sour Apple Fruit roll ups.....Check
 Green Milk with Crazy straw......check
 Green hair accessories....check
 Green clothes.....check

 She is pinch proof.....

He sticks his tongue out like his brother.

                                                   Even Mom is rocking the Shamrocks!!!

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