Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring and Baseball

It is starting to feel like spring around here. We are having a lot of fun in the sun. I love when spring comes. It brings life back out from the drab winter. We needed to celebrate with some time outside and some pictures.

She is so full of sass but I love her. She is at the age where she loves to goof off in front of the camera. I was trying to get nice spring pics. She is my mini me and knows how to push my buttons.

With spring comes baseball for us. This last week was the first week of games for the oldest boy. 2 full days of tournament play. We had some tired kids afterwards. 
 Pretty sure the Angels need him as a mascot. So dang cute in his Jersey.
 See SASSY. Sometimes I go with the photo. This shows her true self for sure.

                        Spring brings new life to the dead of winter. I am loving the warm weather.

What do you do to bring in spring?

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