Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter, Happy Anniversary and Cinderella

 To say we have had a full weekend is an understatement.

The hubs and I had a wedding anniversary and to celebrate...... I took the Little princess to see her favorite Princess. Cinderella. Then we decorated Easter eggs.

Romantic right?

Honestly we celebrate our love everyday so we don't need to overdo on our anniversary....gag right? LOL

 All dressed up with my princess.

 Lunch Date
 Going with Friends makes it so much better.

I have to say this Cinderella was done so well. I loved seeing the costumes and the colors. Beautifully done. They story line was a little different but still very well done.

After dinner we got everything ready to dye eggs.

 Shawn wanted to do it all himself. He gets so upset if you do not just let him do it.
 She was excited to despite this look I caught.

 After the baskets had been gone through it was time for the hunt. Shelby asked all morning when it was time.
Pretty sure this is the best egg hunt we have ever had. The most important people around us on a wonderful day.

 Shawn filled his basket halfway and decided that it was better to use the wagon.

Pretty good haul right?

I love these kids. I love creating memories with them.

Insanity Max....the end

So on Friday I finished the entire Insanity Max 30 program.

I am amazed at what my body can do. I am amazed at what I can accomplish.

I have run a lot of half marathons. That to me is different. Using my own body as a weight to make me stronger? No thanks.

I have completed shorter programs. This took will. I was never bored.
Here is my before:

And the afters

The biggest difference for me was the stomach area. I have never had abs so I am starting to see them and I am excited about that. I have had to roll the top of my shorts (small non scale victory.)

The hardest part for me is all the dang push ups. Max out everytime!!! I lost 12 pounds on the program. I could have lost more I am sure but the second month has not been great eating wise.

I will be doing another round of it Starting Monday. I am also incorporating 21 day fix extreme. I will be increasing my running as well.  I have Ragnar coming up in 20 days.
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