Tuesday, May 12, 2015

California Trip Day 1

What an amazing weekend with my family. We were on the go from before sun up to after sun down.  

I love being from Southern California. It gives me an excuse to come and run through Disneyland....I get to see my family.
We drove in on Wednesday night and stayed at my sisters. 

Road trips are always a highlight!!!

We got up the next morning picked up my mom and hit the TinkerBell Half Marathon Weekend Expo. We had to pick up my packet and all the kids packets too.

 Sisters and cousins reunited again!!! On our way to pick up grammy and head to Disneyland!!

First we had to stop for donuts. I have heard about this place and it is so close to Disneyland. Who doesn't like donuts? DK Donuts was amazing!!! 

 The expo is always so busy. Due to having 4 kids with us we hurried in and out. If I had been alone then I would have stayed a bit longer. I did get to see Carrie from Sparkle Athletic.That is always a treat. I also had to get some last minute items so that I could fly on Saturday morning.

After the expo we went and played in Disney Downtown as my niece calls it or Disney Jr as Shelby calls it. 

 Of course we have to see the hulk. Shawn is in love with his Avengers. I could not get him away.

 The great thing about the Lego store it that they let you play with them also. I am pretty sure the kids would have stayed for hours if they had not been so tired.
Shawn did not want to leave without the HULK so I had to buy one. I must have been mesmerized by Disney because I got the one that talks.

After we got home we invited my mom over for dinner. It is crazy town when everyone gets together but it is the most fun. 
 Not very often do I get to share a beer with my mom. She hates her picture taken but is such a great sport.

 It is a rock band kind of night .

You always have to dance and watch yourself in the mirror. The girls took turns doing this. So funny till I got  caught. 

We tried going to bed early but that didn't happen. Everyone was so excited. Of course my kids just crawled up on the couch and passed out. They love this cousin time.

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