Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Ragnar Trail Zion

So I was thinking that is had been forever since I popped in on the blog. Then I look and it has been a month! Seriously? A month?

Ok so an update?  Well let's start with my Ragnar Trail Zion

So I headed up on Friday to meet my team for check in. We had a start time of 10:20 a.m and I was runner number 1. Now if you remember my post from last year you know that the weather was not ideal. Read about it here. I was nervous since the forecast for this weekend was looking about the same. Nerves were setting in!!!

 Our team name was the Abominable Slow-men. After last year it seemed appropriate.

 I had 2 of my team mates from last year on my team this year. I was so excited to do this with them again this year. 
 I met the guys from Maverik Inc. Check out my free sunnies they were giving out!

 Look at our great team!!!

 Of course you have to get your picture taken by the Ragnar FJ.

 Here I am at the start. All of the number 1 runners start on green loop. It was beautiful I should have taken more pictures.
In the transition tent handing off to my team mate.

A few hours later I headed out on the Red Loop. It had been sprinkling on and off so I was nervous. It was so beautiful even with the looming darkness. I was ready for the next 8 miles. I thought.

 We had to pass over these bridges. They are amazing when they are not covered in water.
 After this picture it started getting really DARK and started to rain. I was mostly prepared. I had my headlamp and was trudging through the mud and water. Then my headlamp died. I could not see a thing. Good thing I had my phone but really rain and a phone don't mix. I made it back to camp.

I was tired. We sent 2 more runners out in the mud and then Ragnar placed an 8 hour rain hold on the event. At 6:55 am I went back out on the course. Ragnar had given us the choice to finish on our own or get our medals. A few of us went out. Some didn't. We all got our medals. I went out because 2 years in a row I missed out on Yellow loop. I wanted to see it.

 It did not dissapoint. I loved the view. The 20 pounds of mud and clay on my feet....not so much.
 I had to hurry back home to get Shelby ready for her last dance recital that night. Here I am on the shuttle back to my car. Ragnar promised a special medal for those that ran in the previous years snow and an amazing medal for the finish this year.
Back home and ready for bed.

Ragnar Trail is an amazing experience. Let's hope for better weather next year.

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