Thursday, August 18, 2016

Mid Week End of Summer fun

So school will be starting for our little Diva next week and I wanted to go have some fun before the summer ended.
We live ridiculously close to the Grand Canyon. At the turn off to go to the canyon is the cutest little mountain tow called Jacob Lake.

I called the hubby and said come home early we have a lunch date.

                                               It is always important to take in the car selfies.
                                             We love places that provide fun stuff for kids to do.

 Shawn was not letting go of his cookies. They have the best cookies. They are pretty famous for them.

Then as if lunch wasn't enough we took the kids on a little off road adventure.  Which means mom busts out the big camera for some shots.


                                     Shawn the Adventure Dude he keeps calling himself...

                I love our adventures. Sad they will not be as frequent and that summer is coming to an end.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

When I found out that we were going to be making a quick overnight trip to SLC, UT I got busy planning to make sure we enjoyed our time there.

First on the list was the Hogle Zoo.

 This seal scared Shelb so bad. It was so funny. It swam around the corner when she wasn't looking. She turned around and there he was!!!!!

 We loved the giraffes. They were very friendly and so fun to look at. We showed up late to feed them. Something for next time.
I will just let the pictures tell the story.

We had an amazing day. We rode the train and walked all over. I highly suggest the Zoo. So fun.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Running, training and WHAT!!!

So since the last blog post I have been putting in the miles and getting a great base mileage so that when I got news about weather or not I would be training for my first full marathon I would be ready.

Well I got news today that October 1 I will be running or walking the St George Marathon. I say walking because either way I will be finishing.

The best news was not that I got into the marathon but that my mom did too. It is her first ever race and she is choosing to do it with me!!!!

I am pretty sure team shirts will be made. For the runners and the support team. PS If you are a lucky member of the support team get your order in now!!!

So I got out of town last week and took my running shoes of course.....

Sorry frog I have found my prince

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Rain, Snow and Zion

I had the pleasure of pacing the Zion half marathon this year. It was absolutely amazing. I had my doubts in the beginning though. 
The night before the race I was having stomach issues on top of woman issues. Sorry guys got to keep it real. I went to bed feeling very nervous about the next morning.
When I woke up the next morning I was feeling fine in the stomach department but I could hear rain. I showered got ready hop in the car proceeded to drive an hour and a half to the race.
As I started my drive it started to snow. I was like great , this is all I need I hate the snow. The great thing about Vacation  Races is they send you text messages if there's issues. I started getting text messages right away on my drive telling me about all the rain and the mud in the parking area. 

They rerouted all of the parking to a church down the hill and shuttled everyone up to the start line. Worked out perfect and I got there on time. I met my pacing group and waited for our Time to start. There was a bit of rain. See Corey (my pacing partner) making good use of our wave sign.

They had us start in staggered times to allow for less congestion. Here are Corey and I at the start line. 

Seriously when you are pacing the 3 hour group it is always a party. 

They delay the start time a bit to allow for late people due to the rain.  Then we were off.  Here is the race director Lyle giving us his best Braveheart speech.

Zion National Park is one of the most beautiful races. I didn't stop for many pictures. I was too busy chatting. 

We met up with some amazing runners. We helped one amazing girl through her first half and not her last. 

The medals for this race are so beautiful.

I will be putting this on my list every year. I love it. 

After all the day was beautiful. 

Last group shot of the Pacers- minus a few

Amazing group. The American Flyers Race. 
Fun Fact.....this is a no waste race. Cup free. Read about it here.
Have you ever run this race?
Are you a pacer?
American Flyers Race Pacers
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