Thursday, August 18, 2016

Mid Week End of Summer fun

So school will be starting for our little Diva next week and I wanted to go have some fun before the summer ended.
We live ridiculously close to the Grand Canyon. At the turn off to go to the canyon is the cutest little mountain tow called Jacob Lake.

I called the hubby and said come home early we have a lunch date.

                                               It is always important to take in the car selfies.
                                             We love places that provide fun stuff for kids to do.

 Shawn was not letting go of his cookies. They have the best cookies. They are pretty famous for them.

Then as if lunch wasn't enough we took the kids on a little off road adventure.  Which means mom busts out the big camera for some shots.


                                     Shawn the Adventure Dude he keeps calling himself...

                I love our adventures. Sad they will not be as frequent and that summer is coming to an end.

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